Hot diary: What can you do in August?

Days are getting slightly longer, warmer and spring is in the air. Assuming that Mother nature is granting you the luxury of a sunny corner, you can hide from the rest of the world indulging yourselves of  a warm cup of tea. Stroll through, take notes, prune, apply manure and raise plants from seeds and take cuttings. 

Ultimate Seed Raising Tips

This has been invented, tried, verified and certified by A La Carte Gardening. Seeds do germinate when you are the one to manipulate their growing environment.

I have also been working on something to manipulate husbands to do house cleaning, but I have failed so far.....

Hot diary: What can you do in September?

We all want the sunshine to come back. September in the garden is the best time of the year for outdoor activity. Not too hot, not too cold and everything is looking magical, blossoms everywhere.

Take a quick look at this Hot Diary for some practical advices.

Testimonies of two women and their studies

Do not keep yourself from doing what you want because of your fears; regrets are by far, much nastier beasts.

Kerrie Wilson and Aurelie Quade have been studying horticulture at university. They think it is important for other women to know that studying while looking after a family is not beyond reach.

Sorrel (Rumex acetosa*)

Sorrel is great source of vitamin A and C. It makes delicious winter soups. However, it requires a little read before eating.

Hot diary: What can you do in July?

In winter we often get sick by spending too much time indoor. Do not resist the call of a sunny afternoon and do a bit of outdoor work.
Curl up on your sofa and keep warm on cold days only.


The forest of Alexandre Dumas, by Régine Touffait

Do you know Alexandre Dumas??? The Three Musketeers??? Most probably!!! But I think most of you ignore that Monsieur Dumas was born in Villers-Cotterêts, a little town situated 72km north-east of Paris. This charming shire is surrounded by one the largest national forests and some of the author’s intrigues took place there. I was not born in Villers, but it was where I grew up and I still carry in my heart bike rides, with my friends, in the surrounding villages during summer holidays. Hence, this article is to lead you through ‘la Forêt de Retz’.

Hot diary: what can you do in April?







How about sitting down with a glass of wine???? Wouldn't it be a lovely way of celebrating the start of autumn?? It certainly would. Unfortunately, planning tasks prevail in April and you will be sedulously taking notes, conspiring against the rest of the neighbourhood and plotting in the darkness of your shed for your garden to impose its sovereignty. April is one of the busiest month, so you will have to leave your chair alone for a little longer and save your glass of wine for May. If we compare the month of April to the process of cooking a meal, we would only be at the stage of shopping for the groceries. Indeed, this is the time where most of the work you will be doing is only going to show its effects later in the year.....

Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum*)

TomatoesThe original tomato, in the wilderness of the highland of Peru, was a herbaceous plant (non woody, herb like);bearing small green fruit. This is rather different from our contemporary image of a tomato. What has not changed, since tomatoes were cultivated, is the word we use practically every day, especially in summer. The word tomato derives from the Nahuatl word tomatl, meaning swelling fruit.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris*)


Thyme grows wild in arid hills of the Mediterranean region. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family, as do mint, rosemary, basil, salvia and many more. Thyme is a perennial plant up to 30cm high. Many varieties are available. It grows best in calcareous (alkaline), dry and stony soil.