Recycled old bra: who said gardening was not sexy!!!

This is one of the cheapest, fastest and funniest craft I have done for a long time. I spend the night giggling, wondering at which door I would hang this, or whose birthday was coming soon.

around $6 per bra

10 minutes

Material (for one bra):
- an old bra size D,
- a matching coat hanger (if possible),
- 2 X pots of pretty plants,
- 2 X small plastic bags/ freezing bags perhaps,
- 2 rubber bands,
- scissors,
- thread and needle.


How :
If you are ,lucky enough to own big boobies and are a touch on the wild side, use your old bras. Alternatively, small breasted and prude ladies, go to your local opportunity shop and find a bra with size D cups. Cups must be of a size that will hold small pot plant. Start by sowing the extremities at the back of each cup. Slightly high up, so that it will hold the pot a little better.

Give the plants a little drink, let it drain. Now wrap the plastic bag around the pot and use your rubber bands to keep the bag in place.

Have the pots snuggled nicely in the cup, hang the bra on the coat hanger.. All done!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!!!


Have fun and do not forget to send us your best pictures,

Revision by Helen Quade,
Text by Aurelie Quade.