Welcome to A La Carte Gardening

Established in 2007, A La Carte Gardening offers professional gardening and landscaping services in the Wagga Wagga area (NSW, Australia). We have built a strong reputation for bringing tired gardens back to life and helping new ones into life.

Five years of hard work onwards, we are still going and our operation is stronger than ever. We create sustainable gardens that will provide you with a long-term enjoyment because they will be adapted to your needs.

On this website you will find advice that is achievable, doable... with the kids... some of it, not all of it... affordable and yet sustainable ideas with the mascara on, yes please! In other words, gardening is interesting, exciting as life should be.

We are not hoping to get you back in the garden if you hate it, have no time for it and just cannot be bothered. We are here for that! However, on this website we want you to have an interesting time, reading something funny, educational and who knows possibly crunchy.

We wish you a good time on the site and if you have any queries pop us an email on contact@alacartegardening.com or give us a call on 0430302600.

Kindest Regards,
Team A La Carte