Total cost of the operation:

Dollar wise $20
Human casualties: should be none
Mother stress: minimal

STEP ONE: Dress the kids and get out (it is a step in its own right)

STEP TWO: Pick something or anything that can be pressed in a Yellow Pages Directory.

STEP THREE: Kiss a couple of hurt knees, back inside for a glass of water, 5 trips to the loo and calm tension for stolen goods, such as : ‘Mum, he/she has taken my flower’.

STEP FOUR: Back inside and place your leaves, flowers, grass blades and stems a couple at a time per page in the Yellow Pages. Once you have finished put some weight over the top (such as heavy books) for 2 weeks and leave everything to dry.

STEP FIVE: Find an excuse to go shopping by yourself to purchase: blank Christmas Cards and matching envelops (Hey! Who said we did not have to be a little fancy), glue stick or liquid (liquid is easier for delicate flowers) and a little brush if you have opted for liquid glue.


............ 2 weeks, month or 1 year later.... depending on how you have managed to get things organized..... It is now time to get back to your dried plants.

STEP 6: Glue all the pretty things on the card and/or envelop and depending on the age group it should keep the kids amused between 2 min and 1 hour. Leave them to dry for 48h and pack them away ready to use when Christmas comes.



NB: Please do not pick flowers and/or plant material from the wild. If you do not have any flowers, grass will do. All that matters is that the kids did it them-selves and that it gives you the chance to sit down for a cup of tea...... well if that is not luxury!! What is it then?!?!

NB2: For your ex-boyfriend/ husband or charming mother in law you can personalize your card with fresh nettles.

NB3: Have fun!!!!!