Time to relax with Jackie's book review

The Elegance of The Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery

I kept hearing great things about this book before I finally picked it up myself and read it from front to back without a moment's hesitation. Translated from French, Elegance of the Hedgehog is intelligent, Witty and profound. Barbery has woven some likeable (and not so likeable) characters into this story with such persuasion that you cannot help but be taken in for the ride.

An unusual story that involves a Concierge of an apartment building in Paris, called Renee, a 12 year old girl, and the unforgettable Kakuro, a Japanese resident who weaves happiness and optimism into this story. I
t is so cleverly written - I found myself thinking "That is so true! Why hasn't someone else thought of that before?" and Barbery uses some incredibly intelligent words, I found myself also having to get the dictionary out!

It really makes you think about life and what is important. This beautiful, witty, heartfelt, charming novel will make you laugh and cry. One must be able to give their all to this book, it will definitely reward you.