Make your own bird bath

Anything with the capacity of holding water can be turned into a bird bath.
(here an old tree trunk for support and pot's saucers for the water)

Recycled old bra: who said gardening was not sexy!!!

 Go to your local oppotunity shop, get an old bra, 2 pots of pretty plants and voila!!!!!


Total cost of the operation:

Dollar wise $20
Human casualties: should be none
Mother stress: minimal

STEP ONE: Dress the kids and get out (it is a step in its own right)

STEP TWO: Pick something or anything that can be pressed in a Yellow Pages Directory.

STEP THREE: Kiss a couple of hurt knees, back inside for a glass of water, 5 trips to the loo and calm tension for stolen goods, such as : ‘Mum, he/she has taken my flower’.